“Ulisse”: the trips (mental or not) of a basket

It was the summer of 2015 when some customers asked me to make purses or bags, and I thought to give them a little more character trying it once this  moving handle that I was buzzing in his head for some time. “Spectacular as you can complicate your life!” He told me once a basket maker connects seeing a basket of mine...

Fatto sta che pur avendolo realizzato non mi sono decisa a pubblicarlo o a metterlo in vendita perchè non ero sicura che i manici resistessero e non volevo fare una figuraccia. Stava decantando in garage come un vino che non sapeva se diventare aceto, quando ebbe l’occasione di fare una piccola turné nel Basso Lazio: ebbe la parte di oggetto di scena con la compagnia amatoriale The fact is that despite having made it, I decided not to publish it or to put it on sale, because I was not sure that the handles resisted and did not make a fool of. He was settling down in the garage like a wine that he did not know whether to become vinegar, when he had the chance to do a little Turné in Lower Lazio: he had the part of the scene object with the amateur company CorenoTeatro between December 2015 and July 2016.

Indeed it broke quite early and I had to redo one of the handles: resisted but it was ugly and looked like “tename ca me tenco” (stand me so I can stand = does not stand, in corenese).

He returned from his triumphant ride, his fate was retired to my room, where I would not have been more because I had to move to the north for job. Fortunately before the final removal I anger and tried to resolve the situation. As I do not have some wicker long and flexible enough to make the handle as it should be done, I did it as I could. This common sense rule has brought me then to break my rule fundamental aesthetic: use fewer colors and different materials as possible, and if you must distribute them harmoniously across the entire surface. In fact, to cover the opprobrium I took some raphia and I pitifully and cowardly wrapped handles. This way I also reinforced them, sure, but it seems a basket with arms in casts ….

The fact is that in October 2016 a family friend that passed in Biella I asked him to bring that among other things: “Ulysses”, the travel basket puzzled. Now it is here, next to the couch, leaning on an old middle-class parquet, resigned to a fate as balls-basket.

Materials: willow, raphia

Measurements: base 22×29 cm, height (without handles) 24 cm, handles 20x9x2 cm, mouth 54×33 cm

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