The Complete Book Of Basketry (Dorothy Wright)

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The Complete Book Of Basketry Book Cover The Complete Book Of Basketry
Dorothy Wright

This profusely illustrated third edition of an authoritative classic relates the history and geography of baskets, including everything from seed-gathering baskets to portable stalls used by street vendors, huge “skeps” for sorting wool, and one-person boats. The author also provides detailed advice on basket design, materials, techniques, care, and repair, and gives step-by-step instructions for making an array of baskets, including a tall oval shopping basket, wastepaper basket, lidded picnic basket, all-purpose plate, wine cradle, fruit bowl, cane rattle, carpet beater, and more—made with a wide range of materials including willow, cane, rush, raffia, straw, grasses, palms, and coppice woods, and by a variety of techniques, including stake-and-strand (wickering), framing or ribbing, coiling, plaiting, and twining. Craftspeople, collectors, students of traditional crafts, and general readers will find themselves fascinated by this authoritative survey. Glossary. Bibliography. Index. 294 illus., including 12 in color on the covers.

ISBN: 9780486418056

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